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My name is Mark Allen and I created this site to help and encourage those who are preparing to keep on going, and for those that aren't so prepared to either get started or get back into it. First, a bit about myself. I am an emergency prep leader in my home community of Sandy, Utah, and have been into emergency preparedness for many years now. I'd like to think I'm somewhere in-between a "casual prepper" and a "dooms-day prepper." Basically, I like to think I'm realistic without going to extremes.

I am also an airline pilot, which plays a big role into my propensity toward preparation. Pilots will spend their entire careers training for things that most likely will never happen, such as engine failures, cabin fires, and system failures such as electrical, hydraulic, or fuel. We drill these scenarios over and over. We are trained to always be thinking ahead and considering all the what-if scenarios and how we will handle them. Captain Sully Sullenberger may have been surprised when both of his engines failed, but he knew exactly how to handle that, because he had trained for that. This mentality translates over into my personal life as well. I am always asking myself, "If something happened at home while I'm not there, will my family have everything they need? Do they know where everything is? And do they know how to use it all?" For me, the scary reality was, probably not. So I decided I needed to 1) get everything in place, and 2) ensure they could handle everything without me.

And that's how this program got it's start. It really consists of 3 parts. 1) Food Storage, 3) Emergency Supplies and Drills, and 3) The Home Manual. Everything revolves around the Home Manual (Click here to see the Home Manual). By the end of this program, you will have a years' supply of food stored, a great start as to what tools, supplies, and equipment will be necessary, and it will be well documented (again, this goes back to the Home Manual) so everyone in your household will know where everything is and how to use it. And with all of this, you will sleep better at night knowing you are finally prepared.

Please reach out with any questions or comments. Oh, and tell your friends and family about www.emergencypreputah.com so they can start getting prepared as well.



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