Week 32: Powdered and Evaporated Milk

6 lbs of Powdered Milk and

3 cans of Evaporated Milk

After this week, you should have 56 lbs of Powdered Milk stored and 13 cans of Evaporated Milk stored.
These are the program goals. This is the final week we address Powdered Milk and the only week we address Evaporated Milk.

This is the 3nd of 3 weeks covering Powdered Milk and the 2nd of 2 weeks covering Evaporated Milk. Please refer to the original modules from Week 13 for all the information on Powdered Milk and Week 18 on Evaporated Milk.

If your family doesn't use Powdered or Evaporated Milk, then find a substitution and store it instead.

Page updated: 10/13/20